• Black History Month 2022

    Since February is Black History Month, I wanted to share some of my thoughts and my values.

    I believe that Black Lives Matter and that seeing race matters. It matters because how people are treated in this country is greatly determined by race.

    I strive to practice cultural humility with my clients and to not perpetuate cycles of harm.

    When appropriate, I invite my white clients to explore their own biases and how they benefit from and perpetuate the status quo. EMDR reprocessing can help desensitize the memories that underpin biases and prejudices for those who want to do so.

    I recognize that it is important to also say that Black Trans lives matter, because that is not a given in our society. I support all gender diverse individuals and stive to honor and speak to their intersecting identities.

    I also recognize that Black history is American history and that having Black history celebrated this month is only a small step to recognizing all the ways that Black folks have contributed to American History.