• Blood vs Family

    I think this is the perfect time of year to remember that blood and family are not necessarily synonymous.

    I know that too often in this world the concept of family is used as a bludgeon and to make allowances for bad behavior.

    So, I will tell you my definition of family.

    Family are those people who love you unconditionally, even when they don’t love your behavior and will give you the difficult truth. They SHOW you that they love you, not just say that they love you.

    Family are the people who will accept you, even when your truth does not match what they want or who they expected you to be. They will accept you with respect and compassion, not just tolerate who you truly are.

    Family are people who show up for you and those you can rely on in good times and bad to have your back.

    If those people you are related to by blood meet this definition of family, you are blessed.

    If those related to you by blood do not meet this definition, that is not your fault. Go out there and create your own family. Find people who will meet this definition.