• Coping with Hypo-Arousal

    When a person is experiencing hypo-arousal, they are in a state of freeze or fawn. Their nervous system is in shut down and they may be experiencing emotional numbing, mind going blank, dissociation, or paralysis.

    Remember, since it can be hard to think clearly when in this state, it is often useful to print out these ideas and place them somewhere you can see easily to remind you. Or screenshot this and keep it on your phone, whatever will help you remember.

    Coping skills for when you are hypo-aroused: * Grounding – particularly using the senses * Ask for help * Get up and get moving * Stretching * Rocking * Eat crunchy food * Smelling strong smells * Bouncing – trampoline, yoga ball or jumping jacks * Reach out and physically connect * Cold glass of water * Hold an ice cube * Try to balance on one foot * Listen to fast/up-beat music Each person’s response to threat is unique, which physical or mental symptoms of hypo-arousal did you recognize in yourself? Have you tried all the coping skills listed? If not try some of them out the next time you notice your symptoms. Learn what works for you.