• Dear Younger Me

    my strength –

    I’ve posted before about inner child work and how we have to learn to look with love on the children we used to be to heal the adult we’ve become.

    I am loving the messages I see on IG talking to our younger parts and felt moved to write my own.

    In trauma work I often find that people struggle sometimes to empathize with the children they used to be.

    They are using their adult minds to evaluate and judge themselves with all the information that life has brought them, instead of remembering how limited their information and options were.

    The little kids we were got us through. And if you have childhood or attachment trauma, then there is a debt owed to the child that you were. They deserve our love and respect for getting us through.

    And we owe it to them and ourselves to do the work to heal ourselves.

    When we talk to our inner children it can be powerful to place your hand on your heart and speak gently. It is likely to feel a bit awkward at first, but I promise you it can help and be profoundly moving.