• Diet Culture

    Since we are in the new year it’s always a good time to remind you about the toxicity of diet culture and our society’s obsession with thinness.

    This is from Annie Goldsmith’s “Diet Culture and the Double Bind” in Perspectives of Dissociative Identity Response: Ethical, Historical, and Cultural Issues.

    “Diet Culture:

    *Diet Culture conflates size and health

    *Diet Culture encourages following external rules about what, when and how much to eat;

    *Diet Culture suggests that people are more or less good/moral/worthy based on body size;

    *Diet Culture creates thin privilege;

    *Diet Culture suggests movement as a punishment for, or prevention of, being fat;

    *Diet Culture views fat people as less valuable and more risk-able.”

    You are more than simply your size and your ability to get/be skinny for our society, your family or your partner.