• Disorganized Attachment

    Disorganized attachment develops when the caregivers are sources of fear because the child doesn’t know what to expect from their caregivers. They do not know if/when their needs will be met.

    The child cannot adapt to their caregivers’ behavior because their behavior is unpredictable – possibly due to mental health or substance use problems, or their own disorganized attachment style.

    In adulthood these individuals tend to be very inconsistent themselves in their behavior.

    For example, they may seek closeness & at the same time reject bids of connection.

    Adults with disorganized attachment have the same need and longing for love and connection as others, but they are afraid to let anyone in for fear of being hurt.

    Adults with disorganized attachment believe that disappointment & rejection are inevitable and do not believe their partners can love them as they are.

    Source: The Attachment Project