• Dissociative Identity Disorder reviewed

    Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is a diagnosis that covers symptoms falling into these categories:

    Memory problems

    Disremembered actions

    Trance symptoms

    Depersonalization symptoms

    Derealization symptoms

    Somatoform symptoms

    Manifestation of self-states

    Memory problems in DID involve memory loss that’s more severe than normal forgetfulness.

    This may look like an inability to recall large parts of childhood and/or losing time in the present when you have no memory of what has happened over hours or days in your present life.

    Disremembered actions are when the person finds evidence of actions they must’ve taken but have no memory of having done so.

    This can look like finding new clothes in the closet, writing or artwork that they don’t remember creating, etc.

    Trance symptoms involve an involuntary escape from reality by going into a trance state.

    This can look like going away mentally when something upsetting happens, episodes of staring off into space & losing awareness for what’s happening around them.

    Depersonalization involves a sense of detachment from self.

    This may be experienced as watching oneself as if they were another person, feeling detached from their actions or having made changes to their appearance they don’t recall making.

    Somatoform symptoms involve experiencing physical symptoms that have no known medical cause.

    This may be experienced as having pain or seizures, changes in the ability to walk or see, or having no feeling in their body for no known reason.

    Derealization involves a sense of detachment from the people & things around a person.

    Perception may change such that the world is seen through a fog, or seems dreamlike, their sense of time may slow down or sped up, & the world may seem unreal.

    Manifestation of self-states is when there’s a sense of having independent or separate sides.

    This may be experienced as having an internal conflict, hearing voices, & feeling like one changes from being an adult to a child or teen.

    There’s a lot of misconceptions about Dissociative Identity Disorder. Stay tuned for more…