• EMDR Consultant

    I am super excited to share that I am now a full EMDR Consultant.

    I was first trained in EMDR therapy in 2014 as I was looking for a better way to help my traumatized clients.

    At the time I was working in a community health clinic and was seeing people with some really complicated issues, multiple psychosocial stressors, and suffering from complex trauma and dissociation.

    I guess you could say I’ve been swimming in deep waters from the beginning with EMDR therapy and I have loved it!

    Since that time I have continued to be amazed and awed by what EMDR therapy can do for clients and how it can really help my clients let go the pain of their past, live more fully in the present and develop hope for the future.

    It has been such a privilege to help other trauma therapists hone their skills using this type of therapy to help their clients.

    I am committed to making certification as an EMDR therapist more accessible for those who have not traditionally been able to afford it. Therefore if you identify as trans/non-binary or BIPOC and cannot afford my hourly rate, feel free to contact me directly and we may be able to come to an agreement for a reduced fee for consultation.