• EMDR Research

    EMDR therapy is considered to be an evidence-based therapy (EBT) for PTSD, but there has been less research done on the use of EMDR therapy to treat complex trauma and attachment issues due to the complex nature of such questions and research.

    However, in a recent pilot study published in Journal of EMDR Practice and Research by Szeska, et al (2023) supports what many EMDR therapists know from our own practice, that EMDR therapy is indeed effective in treating attachment wounds.

    The study looked at attachment style, PTSD symptoms, and the therapeutic alliance, which were measured at intake, across treatment and at the end of EMDR treatment.

    It was reported that a decrease in attachment insecurity was observed, as were positive changes in attachment security. Findings suggest that the increase in attachment security were partially associated with the quality of the therapeutic alliance and changes in symptomatology.

    Of course, there are many limitations associated with a small study like this, but it contributes to our growing understanding and evidence of the changes that EMDR therapy make in the lives of real people, with real and complex problems.