• EMDR Therapy


    Often when I get asked what EMDR is, what I am really getting asked about is the technique of bilateral stimulation (BLS) using eye movements or tapping.

    But EMDR therapy is more than just reprocessing the negative memories, it is complete therapeutic approach, just like any other form of therapy. EMDR therapy is occurring from the moment we sit down for our first appointment. It informs my thinking about your issues, the questions that I ask during the assessment process, and the homework that I assign. I believe that talking about EMDR as just a technique devalues the importance of the therapeutic relationship. 

    Yes, the BLS for memory reprocessing is a powerful tool, but so is the relationship.

    In fact, if we have not taken the time to build trust and a good enough amount of safety within our relationship, then using such a powerful tool can feel scary and overwhelming. If you don’t trust me to walk with you through the darkness, you might stop before we reach the light on the other side.

    If you don’t trust me to be honest about what is coming up for you, you may not tell me if it is getting too overwhelming. If it is not safe enough for you to make mistakes and be imperfect you might feel the need to perform the model therapy client who is making progress when your actually feeling stuck.