• Finding a therapist

    As we have seen over the course of multiple posts about dissociation, there is much confusion about these symptoms in general and the Dissociative Disorders in particular.

    That’s why it is incredibly important to find a provider that is knowledgeable and trained in working with these issues.

    Simply finding a trauma therapist is not enough. You need to find someone with specific expertise in dealing with dissociation.

    One way is to use the therapist directory through the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (www.ISST-D.org).

    Another way is through trauma therapist directories (such as through EMDR.org) and you can usually sort by specialty and this is where you look for dissociation to be listed.

    Then when you’ve found someone, check out their website and their social media. Look for training specific to dissociation.

    We are not super common but we aren’t unicorns either, we are out there!