• Grounding by touch

    Touch is an important grounding skill & is available to you at all times. One way to ground is to touch one thing in your space, maybe something you’re wearing.

    This isn’t simply a casual touch, really focus on trying to describing what you’re feeling as though to someone who’s never seen it. Then touch a different thing, something that’ll provide a contrast to the first thing you felt.

    Again, notice what it feels like & describe it to yourself, then describing the difference between the two things you’ve touched.

    Another way to ground is by sitting with your feet flat on the ground. Press your heels down into the floor, hold that for 5 seconds & release. Then scrunch your toes, holding that for 5 seconds & release. Repeat as needed.

    Or ground by going outside, taking off your shoes & connecting with the literal ground. Stand on this earth, in this moment, & notice what you feel. Notice the ground beneath your feet. Feel the weather/sun on your skin, is it hot or cold? Is there a wind? Rain? Describe what you feel in as much detail as possible.

    Pets are another powerful grounding tool. I’ll use Sadie my therapy dogs as an example. I might pet Sadie & notice how her fur feels her ears compared to her back, compared to her belly skin. I can hold her on my lap & notice her weight on me, or as she leans in against me or as she licks me.

    Being able to ground yourself back in your body & in the present moment will help you re-regulate your nervous system. The more you practice these skills, the more easily they will come. I highly recommend practicing them when the triggers are rather small or moderate, so that  you are not trying something new when a big one hits.

    And remember, find skills that fit for you. It’s okay if something doesn’t work for you for some reason, there is almost always an alternative that can be found. So if you have gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia, using your body for grounding may not fit or feel good, but you may still be able to use nature or pets.