• Grounding with Smell

    One way to ground yourself, to bring yourself back into the here-and-now, is to use your sense of smell.

    Smell is also a powerful memory evoker, so be mindful when choosing smells to ground yourself.

    Using smell is powerful, and works best if you plan ahead and having something at hand to help ground you when needed. Choose a smell that evokes strictly positive memories, feelings or associations.

    I recommend carrying around something in your pocket or purse that you can access anywhere or any time. Ideas include using scented lotion, essential oils, scented hand sanitizer, gum, perfume or cologne.

    If you are in a place that lends itself to these things you can also make use of your environment, light a scented candle, bake something, go outside and smell the flowers, smell the ocean air, nature is often a good source for this.