• Holiday Giving

    This time of year can be especially hard for trans, non-binary and queer folks.

    This is a friendly reminder that the term ally is a verb and requires taking action.One way to be an ally is to consider where you donate your time or money during the holidays.

    Don’t give to organizations that promote hate and don’t honor the beautiful diversity of humanity.

    When giving consider direct aid requests instead of donating to big organizations.

    That way the money you give goes directly to those in need and nothing goes to administration of the organization.

    Other giving options:


    Go Fund Me has a whole section dedicated to trans and non-binary folks trying to raise money for transition related care.

    TranSanta is a project that delivers gifts to trans youth in need.


    Black Trans Travel Fund is a grassroots trans led collective, providing black trans women with financial & material resources needed to remove barriers to self-determining &

    accessing safer travel options.


    Trans Family Support Services is an org. helpings trans/non-binary youth & their families through their gender transitioning process.

    They provide family coaching, assistance with healthcare & insurance issues, help navigating the legal system, & support at schools.