• Holiday PSA

    As we approach the holiday season, please remember this time can be really hard for some folks. It is inescapable, all of the focus on family, family togetherness, family gatherings, love of family….it’s in commercials, TV shows, movies, social media, at the grocery store, on the radio, on billboards, it is everywhere.

    Not everyone has a family they want/can go home to.

    Please don’t encourage people to reunite with their toxic family, because some families are the source of trauma. Some families are rejecting.

    Just consider how this time of year might feel for these folks. It can evoke PTSD symptoms of reliving and emotional overwhelm. I can evoke sadness and depression, anxiety, and anger.

    And for people who have a problematic, possibly toxic family that is somewhat in their lives, this time of year evokes a lot of difficult decisions on what is best for them as they may have a number of competing desires, hopes, and obligations.

    This time of year brings a lot of platitudes about forgiveness, family togetherness and judgements about selfishness.

    Please don’t offer unsolicited advice to people about their relationships with their families.