• Hyper-Arousal

    Back to our discussion of the Window of Tolerance (WOT).  Remember the WOT is where humans are able to function most effectively. When we are in this window, we are able to take in information and utilize it and respond to the needs and demands of our day-to-day life.

    When the brain perceives a threat that it can fight or flee from it is likely to go into a state of hyper-arousal, in which you may experience heightened agitation and alertness, and a heightened reactivity to stimuli. This is you’re your sympathetic nervous system getting activated. Physical symptoms of hyper-arousal: * increased heart rate & blood pressure * adrenaline dump * increased flow of oxygen/blood to organs * increased capacity for blood clotting * decrease digestion / saliva production * depressed immune system * increase in breathing * shallow breathing Mental Symptoms of hyper-arousal: * overwhelm * rage * irritability * fear/ panic * anxiety * intrusive / racing thoughts * difficulty sleeping * hyper-vigilance * flashbacks * nightmares * impulsivity * less present * decreased ability to socially engage