• Hyper Arousal

    The window of tolerance is the range in which we as humans are able to function most effectively.

    When the brain perceives a threat that it can fight or flee from it is likely to go into a state of hyper-arousal, in which you may experience heightened agitation and alertness, and a heightened reactivity to stimuli. 

     This is you’re your sympathetic nervous system getting activated.

    Physical symptoms of hypo-arousal:

    increased heart rate & blood pressure

    adrenaline dump

    increased flow of oxygen/blood to organs

    increased capacity for blood clotting

    decrease digestion / saliva production

    depressed immune system

    increase in breathing

    shallow breathing

    Mental Symptoms of hypo-arousal:




    fear/ panic


    intrusive / racing thoughts

    difficulty sleeping





    less present

    decreased ability to socially engage

    Coping skills for when you are hypo-aroused:

    Slow deep breathing to calm

    Create saliva by sucking on a candy, thinking of something mouthwatering, etc.


    Ask for help

    Weighted blanket

    Cuddle with pets

    Each person’s response to threat is unique, which physical or mental symptoms of hypo-arousal did you recognize in yourself? Have you tried all the coping skills listed? If not try some of them out the next time you notice your symptoms. Learn what works for you.