• Letters of Support

    Letters of Support for Gender Affirming Medical Care

    For adults (18 +) in CA: I provide evaluations & letters of support for gender affirming medical care.

    I accept San Diego Medi-Cal. For everyone else, there will be a one time fee for this service.

    Contact me & we’ll talk on the phone for a 10-15 min. screening.

    Then we’ll schedule to meet for the evaluation (I suggest by video).

    We’ll schedule for 1 hour, although I often don’t need that full time.

    I’ll send you an email with a demographic form to complete & all the required Informed Consent forms will come from my electronic health record, Therapy Notes.

    I’ll also ask you to complete a few symptom surveys as well

    Having symptoms or a mental health diagnosis will not keep me from writing you a letter. Even if you hear voices.

    We’ll meet for the eval so that I can get the info I need from you for the letter.

    It’s my job to verify you are generally a competent adult who is able to make informed decisions for yourself & that you are in contact with reality.

    If I have no concerns (which is rare), then I will draft a letter for you within a week of our meeting.

    I’ll send you the letter to review so that you know what’s in it & to verify there are no inaccuracies.

    If there are no corrections then I’ll send you a signed, PDF version of the letter.

    Typically this letter will remain good for one year (this is an insurance issue, not mine).