• Letters of Support

    Attention California folks. When it comes to writing letters of support for gender affirming healthcare, I operate from an informed consent model.

    This means that it is my job to support your right to personal autonomy in choosing your gender affirming care options.

    It is NOT your job to prove how trans/non-binary/fluid you are. I believe and trust that you know this about yourself. Your job will be to share what you know, what you’ve experienced and how you feel about it all. I believe that you should have the right to make all of your medical decisions without my interference and gate-keeping.


    To get a letter:

    Step 1: Contact me for a brief phone screening. Then we schedule the evaluation.

    Set 2: I’ll send you an email with a demographic form, the required Consent forms and some symptoms surveys to complete.

    Don’t worry, having symptoms, or a mental illness or being on mental health meds (including anti-psychotics) won’t keep me from writing a letter for you.

    What I DO need to see is that you are generally a competent adult who is able to make informed decisions about your healthcare and that you are in contact with reality.

    Step 3: We’ll meet, in-person or by video, for up to 1 hour for this eval.

    Step 4: If I have no concerns about your ability to make a fully informed decision about your healthcare, then I will draft a letter for you within a week of our meeting. I’ll send you this draft to review and if there are no corrections I will send you a signed, PDF version of the letter.

    In general surgeons and insurance companies will only accept these letters for one year after the date of the letter.