• Lyrics from MILCK’s Black Sheep

    And so will you. MILCK’s Black Sheep

    Black sheep of the family are the ones who are seen as other, as bad, or in some way negative.

    Often, I find that black sheep are the ones who will not buy into the family myth.

    Maybe they are the ones who recognize and speak about the neglect, abuse, toxicity or dysfunction.

    Maybe they have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with what no one else in the family talks about.

    Maybe they are the ones who speak out about the religious or spiritual hypocrisy that they see within the “family values.”

    Maybe they are the radicals that speak of abolition, of people over profits, of love over hate.

    I see you, black sheep. You are amazing.

    I know it’s hard, but you deserve to be your authentic self, to speak your truth, to speak truth to power and to be valued for it.