• Mario Quintana quote

    As Mario Quintana said, “The world don’t change. People change it.”

    We are all connected and part of this world, despite our growing sense of disconnection from each other.

    There is so much fear and pushback that is coming with “changes” in our society, particularly as it relates to gender and sexuality.

    What is changing is not actually the reality of the broad range of gender and sexuality that exists on this earth among both humans and animals, but it is our understanding of these complexities.

    As a trauma therapist, I know that change can be scary and hard, even needed, healthy change.

    But the queer community is hurting and suffering right now and it is up to those of us with privilege, power, and a voice to stand up and call out the discrimination and bias as the heart of these bans on drag, bans on gender affirming medical care, and book bans.

    Each of us needs to be a part of the change we want to see in the world, and to be part of creating the world we hope to see.

    What we allow to happen to the least powerful of us, can happen to any of us.