• My Heart is Heavy

    My heart is heavy. There is so much pain going on in the world it is hard to hold. It is hard to know so much of the war, pain and suffering that is happening around the world. It often makes me feel helpless.

    This pain is hard to hold at the time of year that our culture tells us is all about family and giving thanks, when I know so many people hurt by their family and estranged from their families out of necessity.

    It is hard to hold at this time of year, when Transgender Day of Remembrance is right around the corner and trans and non-binary folks continue to be targeted and harmed for simply being who they are.

    This pain is hard to hold at this time of year, when I know that Thanksgiving is a time of mourning for our Native American Communities and a time of year we celebrate a fable and misinformation.

    So, if you are feeling heavy like I am, a reminder to please take care of yourself. Take breaks from the news/social media as needed so you are not burned out and more likely to collapse under the weight of everything.

    Look for the ways that you can make a difference in the ways that you can. Not everyone’s way of contributing is the same, it’s okay if yours looks different.

    Remember that we are social beings and that we have a social engagement system to help deal with stressors. Turn to your loved ones, your chosen family, your community. We are stronger together.