• No Part is Bad

    It can be hard to believe, but all parts of you were created to help and serve a purpose.

    Even if you have parts that seem scary, that say mean things to you about yourself, that have encouraged self-harm, or who sound and act like people who have harmed you, even these parts serve a purpose.

    When you were young and had limited options, perhaps you needed a part to help frighten you into being quiet, so you were less likely to become a target for others in your life.

    Perhaps when you were little, a part of you decided it would be easier to hear mean things from others if you were already calling yourself worse things in your head.

    Perhaps a part of self encouraged self-harm as a means of helping you regulate your emotions.

    Even though the behaviors look, sound and feel harmful, they were created as means of helping you cope, or survive things when you were younger and didn’t have other options.

    When we start to understand this, it changes how you see your parts and opens up new avenues of communication and healing.

    Because when we can see the value in all your parts, and have some compassion for why they do what they do, then you are more able to have respectful and productive communication to learn new ways of coping that are more in line with your current life and needs.