• Our society is unwell

    Given what I do and who I work with, I think a lot about mental health, healing and trauma and the role that society plays in all of this.

    And something that gets clearer and clearer to me with each passing year is how unwell our society is and how difficult this can make healing and health, especially for people in more marginalized groups.

    I want to validate that a lot of the health and healing suggestions that you will find in social media may require having money, I am especially thinking of the capitalistic version of self-care. But even when it’s not this extreme, we can advocate for taking mental health days, but that only works if you have paid time off or can afford not to be paid.

    This is why collective action and community are so important, we need to change our culture to make true collective healing possible.

    And so, I am simply putting out there and validating that it can be real hard to heal in a toxic and unhealthy culture. Gabor Maté’s book The Myth of Normal is a great read on this topic.