• Parts work

    Friendly reminder:

    If you have parts, a dissociative system (DID/OSDD) remember that communicating and working with your parts is not an additional task in healing, it is THE task in healing.

    I bring this up because it’s not uncommon in this work for folks to complain about having to attend to parts work when there is much going on in their lives (fires to put out, problems to deal with, etc.).

    And I get it, I do. This IS a lot. And it can definitely feel overwhelming.

    However, avoiding parts work and just trying to address life as though there are not multiple parts of self, often with conflicting wants/needs and coping strategies, usually does not work in our favor.

    It is getting touch with the system to understand how parts are trying to navigate the situations going on in life you are trying to navigate that will ultimately make life a bit easier to manage.

    And this is not to shame or belittle this tendency, because it’s often how folks have coped and gotten through, but it my experience it will not progress your healing and functioning in day to day life.