• Pink lyrics

    For many folks with complex trauma, silence and stillness are super scary and intimidating.

    Without chaos and constant activity there is more chance of having to face the past, or parts of self they don’t like.

    This is the truth that Pink is singing about.

    In the quiet it is hard to ignore the negative beliefs we have about ourselves that feel like truth, that tell us we’re worthless or bad or stupid or not enough.

    In the quiet it can be harder to ignore our feelings and our bodies and how they feel. If you weren’t taught how to feel your feelings or if you were taught certain feelings were “bad” this can be overwhelming.

    If you were taught that your body was wrong or bad in some way then being aware of it can feel scary and wrong, leading to a strong dissociative tendency.

    This is why one sign of healing might be your ability to slow down, sit and relax in the quiet.