• Pink’s All I Know So Far

    As Pink sings in her song All I Know So Far, “Haven’t always been this way. I wasn’t born a renegade. I felt alone, still feel afraid, I stumble through it anyway. I wish someone would have told me that this life is ours to choose, no one’s handing you the keys or a book with all the rules. The little that I know I’ll tell to you.”

    This very much sums up how I feel about life, my own development personally and professionally.

    As I age and as I watch the world around me, I feel more and more the pull to call BS to feel like the systems we have in our society need to be changed or demolished and started over.

    I wish that I knew growing up that my parents didn’t know it all, especially when it came to me, my heart and my needs. That I was not wrong for having needs and having big feelings about those needs not being met.

    And I endeavor to share what I know with you and with my clients, because it is important, and because I wish I had someone like me when I was a kid.