• Pooh and Piglet

    Piglet. “I definitely have those days.”

    I think we can all agree with Pooh and Piglet, we all have some days when we feel Not Very Okay At All, and don’t even know why we feel that way.

    For some folks, this may even make them long for something bad to happen to them, to justify why they feel this way so often. I know it can make you feel like a weirdo to think this way and feel this way, especially around the holidays when everyone feels they’re supposed to feeling happy or joyful.

    But you are not a weirdo and  you are not alone in these thoughts and feelings.

    I find that often this type of chronic depression may be linked to attachment wounds. These wounds are deep and often caused by our attachments needs going chronically unmet.

    And because of this chronicity and the pattern being a lack of something happening that needed to happen, there is often a lack of explicit recall for these memories, there is nothing specific that can be pointed to, to justify (to ourselves) that our pain is valid.

    There is only that feeling that everything is Not Very Okay At All. AND this feeling is valid, even if you don’t know why or can’t find sufficient “evidence” to justify the feeling.

    Your feelings are valid. Acknowledging that they are valid is the first step in learning how to cope with such feelings.

    So telling yourself, “this feeling is valid. It’s okay to feel this feeling, even if I don’t understand it or where it comes from. I can hold this feeling with compassion.”

    Putting your hand over your heart as you tell yourself this can add a powerful somatic, embodied element to your message to yourself.