• Pride 2022

    Happy Pride! I hope everyone stays healthy. And here are some friendly reminders from me, a cishet ally:

    • Buy your PRIDE gear from LGBTQIA+ folx & companies that ACTUALLY support them
    • The reason we need a PRIDE month is due to the on-going harassment, discrimination opp & oppression that LGBTQIA+ people face every day
    • LGBTQIA+ folx have always existed, in every corner of the world
    • LGBTQIA+ people deserve to be loved & to live as they want to
    • PRIDE was kicked off by black and brown trans women & sex workers
    • Support LGBTQIA+ folx and businesses year round
    • Fight anti-trans legislation
    • We all carry internalized homophobia, biphobia & transphobia; we need to do the work so we don’t actively do harm

    Donate to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ causes:

      • Human Rights Campaign
      • National Center for Transgender Equality
      • Transgender Law Center
      • SnapCo
      • LGBTQ Freedom Fund
      • Trevor Project
      • Somos Familia Valle

    Other donation ideas:

    • Give directly through requests for mutual aid
    • Give to Go Fund Me accounts of trans folks saving for surgery

    Support paying LGBTQIA+ folx for their time and expertise.