• Quote by Dr. Lord

    I know a lot of folks out there right now might be coming down hard on themselves for falling into old patterns when with family this holiday season.

    You might be thinking this is an invalidation of any work or efforts or changes you made before.

    And I am here to remind you to please be gentle with yourself.

    A family is a system, and systems like things to remain the same. So whether your family is aware of it or not, they will act in ways to try to get you to behave the way you always have.

    Change is hard for individuals and doubly so for systems, because our systems are made up of people.

    So instead of beating yourself up, try to remind yourself that you are learning and working a new muscle. You won’t have it all down perfectly.

    This is part of the learning and growing process. If you can, take a look at where you got tripped up and use it as more data to understand yourself and your family and make a plan for next time.

    Don’t give up!

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