• Quote from Dr Lord

    In doing work on attachment wounds and trauma work is often so strange. Our ability to know and not know at the same time is part of that strangeness.

    The truth that you may know a truth about your family or how you were raised, that the rest of the world cannot or will not see is also part of that strangeness.

    And it is this tendency in particular that can really lead to internal gaslighting. It is only natural to questions your experiences and knowledge when everyone else around you is saying something different.

    They say that your family was so normal, or happy, or cookie cutter.

    But that does not change the reality of your experience.  You know better than anyone else what it was like in your family, you had the inside scoop.

    A huge part of the work then is re-learning to trust yourself, your perceptions and to remain grounded in that, even when others disagree.