• Quote from Dr Lord

    It can be scary and liberating as a therapist to admit that I do not have all the answers.

    And I have my moments where I still put this pressure on myself or think that my clients need me to know everything.

    But this is hubris. How on earth could I possibly know everything. And more importantly, how could I possibly know all there is to know about my clients and their inner experiences and what will work for them in their lives?

    That is why therapy is a collaborative process, I bring a lot of knowledge to the table about psychology, trauma, healing, the normative range of gender and sexuality, and healthy development. And my clients bring themselves, their experiences, and what has and has not worked for them. Together we should be able to come up with answers together.

    And I think it’s important to remember not to put your therapist on a pedestal and not to believe they know it all or can never be wrong. Because we are only human. And an incredibly important and vital piece of therapy is you being able to tell your therapist honestly if something doesn’t fit for you, or is inaccurate, and/or in appropriate and made you uncomfortable.

    I am human and I am fallible, and I am working to show up each day better than I was before and not to make the same mistake twice.