• Quote from Hailey Edwards

    I have been on a roll reading for pleasure lately and I love finding affirming quotes like this in my fun reading.

    In Hailey Edward’s book Gray Witch, she reminds us, “No child should grow up believing they were unlovable, that parts of them ought to remain hidden. They shouldn’t doubt their acceptance by their peers or conceal wo hey are to fit their parents’ – or anyone else’s – ide of who they ought to be.”

    In healthy families and healthy societies, children will learn that they are lovable just as they are. They will learn that they can make mistakes, take time to explore who they are, that their families and communities will support and believe them.

    And when these things don’t happen, that is a wound, it is attachment trauma, developmental trauma, and it is valid to have feelings about that.

    And it’s not uncommon to not figure out that these things caused you harm until you are in adulthood, and possibly not until you have kids of your own.

    But you don’t have to remain stuck in the negativity you learned about yourself as a kid. Healthy adult relationships can help offer healing, healthy communities can help offer healing and therapy can help offer healing. In the coming weeks I will be posting more about EMDR therapy and how beneficial it can be for attachment trauma.