• Quote from Laini Taylor

    I recently finished this beautiful fantasy book, Strange the Dreamer, by Laini Taylor. And in this book was this quote, “He looked him right in the eyes and saw a man who was great and good and human, who had done extraordinary things and terrible things and been broken and reassembled as a shell, only then to do the bravest thing of all: He had kept on living, though there are easier paths to take.”

    This quote speaks to me for so many reasons. The first is that it recognizes the multiplicity of our experience as human beings. No one of us is all one thing, we are many things all at once.

    And it speaks to me as this is how I see my clients. They have been broken by the world and often forced to reassemble themselves on their own. And despite the pain, the betrayal and the heartache, they choose to do the bravest thing, which is to go on living.

    To opt to face each day with a determination to see it through, and often along the way they are helping others and working to heal themselves.

    These are my heroes, they are the people I am in awe of every single day.