• Quote from Robin Williams

    This is how so many people who grow up in toxic, abusive, neglectful or chaotic homes feel, that they grew up around people who made them feel alone.

    This is because they were not seen, praised or validated for who they were.

    This can also be why it is so hard to connect in adulthood, there is a fear and expectation for many that they can’t be themselves so they hide. This in turn makes them feel alone once again, even if they have friends, partners, or family.

    This is also why, once they start to heal and be themselves and show up authentically, that they have no time for those who can’t be authentic, and real either. And we live in a society that encourages us to focus on the surface, so it can leave them feeling alone too.

    But there are those who can be real, who do want to know you authentically. Your tribe is out there.