• Quote from Rutger Bergman

    In Rutger Bergman’s Humankind: A Hopeful History he writes, “Every good deed is like a pebble in a pond, sending ripples out in all directions. We don’t typically see how our generosity cascades through the social network…to affect the lives of dozens or even hundreds of other people. Kindness is catching, and it’s so contagious that it even infects people who even see it from afar.”

    I know it can be hard to keep doing good in a world that is set on making you believe that it is hopeless, that you are powerless.

    But that is how we trap ourselves, is by buying into the narrative that says we can’t change the way things are to make a better world.

    The reality is, that each good deed we do sends out a ripple of positive effects. What you do does matter, in ways both large and small.

    Keep doing what you do, keep making the changes you can in the places you can.

    This world needs every good deed and loving heart.