• Quote from Saidiya Hartman

    This is true on an individual level, as well as a familial and societal level too.

    It takes a great deal of care about other human beings to struggle to find a better world.

    For if we do not care, then who will? If we want a less violent culture and society, then we need to care enough to make the difficult decisions that will entail.

    We cannot abdicate this responsibility to the state, or a particular religious group, or non-profit organization. We need to step up for ourselves and each other.

    I believe a more humane and loving future is possible, but we need to do the work. I want a future where my job as a trauma therapist is not needed because people care enough to make that type of harm unthinkable.

    If you care about trans folx in general or a trans family member in particular, then you need to take responsibility and not vote for people who are actively legislating against them.