• Self-Injury Awareness Day

    March 1st is Self-Injury Awareness Day.

    Self-injury is when a person purposefully harms themselves as a means of coping. It is not the same as attempting suicide.

    People self-harm because they have a hard time regulating, expressing or understanding emotions. The mix of emotions that triggers self-injury is complex.

    Self-injury may be an attempt to:

    • Manage/reduce severe distress or anxiety & provide a sense of relief
    • Distract from painful emotions through physical pain
    • Feel a sense of control over their body, feelings, or life situations
    • Feel something even if it’s physical pain, when feeling emotionally empty
    • Communicate depression or distressful to the outside world
    • Be punished for perceived faults

    Risk factors for self-harm:

    • Having friends who self-injure.
    • Life issues such as abuse/trauma, an unstable environment, social isolation, or they may be questioning their personal identity or sexuality.
    • Mental health issues.
    • Alcohol or drug use.

    Those who self-harm do not need judgement or shaming, they need help and better coping skills. They need understanding. If you self-harm, help is available and you are not alone.