• Suicide Awareness Prevention Month

    September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness month. It is intended to highlight efforts at suicide prevention and reduce the stigma around talking about suicide, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

    Suicide is now the 12th leading cause of death. In 2020 over 45,000 Americans died by suicide and it’s estimated that 1.20 million attempts were made.

    Suicide is about unendurable pain and often about disconnect and lack of community. Only in a society in which we truly love and value all of our members and ensure that they have the resources and supports that they need can we reduce suicide.

    Suicide prevention is:

    • Making healthcare more accessible & affordable
    • Making a living wage & having safe, affordable housing
    • Drug and alcohol treatment
    • Living in a society that values all its members
    • Gender affirming medical care
    • Using the chosen name and pronouns of gender diverse minors
    • Family and faith community acceptance of LGBTQIA+ members
    • Living in a society that does not debate your right to exist

    If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts here are some hotlines:
    National Suicide Hotline 988
    San Diego Crisis Line 888-724-7240
    Transgender Lifeline 877-565-8860
    Trevor Project 866-488-7386