• Suicide Loss

    Trigger warning: talk of suicide

    My heart is saddened by the loss of Twitch, a performer & self-described smile-spreader who rose to fame through So You Think You Can Dance. He died by suicide this week.

    There’s a lot on social media right now about reaching out to friends & offering suicide hotlines.

    Those are important, AND there is so much more that needs to be said….like how when people are struggling, they may not be willing or able to tell you.

    Stay connected & keep checking in on people who are struggling. Keep letting them know you care & are available if/when they are ready to talk.

    Depression is not the only reason that people contemplate suicide. We need to talk about all of the reasons people consider ending their lives.


    Some Other Reasons for Suicide: Trauma & PTSD, hearing voices, abuse, physical pain, financial hardship, legal troubles, substance abuse, loss (esp. loss by suicide) & loss of meaning/purpose.

    Not all suicidal thoughts are not driven by personal mental health struggles. There are many ways in which society contributes.

    For example:

    Trans / non-binary folks face a ton of discrimination & violence. They’re actively being legislated against in many parts of the US.

    Our society socializes men & masculine presenting people to not show or be in touch with their emotions. This leaves them vulnerable to suffering in silence & not having the ability to ask for or accept help.

    Our society puts an undue burden on people with disabilities, making their lives much harder than they need to be & often making needed care inaccessible except to the most wealthy.

    Our society makes life SO hard for people on the margins, especially the poor. Managing benefits can be a full time job in itself & it’s can be difficult to access the care they need & poverty is treated as though it’s a personal moral failing.

    If you are in crisis, you can call 988 or the Trans Lifeline at (877) 565-8860