• Take Action Against School Shootings

    I am beyond words. We have endured these horrors for so long and I am bereft of words because they feel wholly inadequate.

    So take the time to feel all your feelings about this tragedy – cry, scream, moan, crumble. Tend to your family, friends and community.

    But please, do not let your sadness and grief keep you stuck. We need all our anger, frustration and rage to get us to take action.

    The answer to ending school shootings is complex and multi-layered, regardless of what many will say on social media.

    Find the pieces of the puzzle that you are passionate about and get to work. And work can look like many things, don’t feel boxed into a single way of taking action, but take action we must if we want things to change.

    Maybe you have money to give, maybe you have time, maybe you are good at talking to people, maybe you are good at organizing, maybe you can learn mental health first aid, maybe you want to march, maybe you can talk to your elected officials, maybe you can get involved with an abolitionist movement.

    And maybe you can contact GOP representative Paul Gosar in Texas to complain about his spreading false information about a transgender woman being the shooter.  Please combat this misinformation that targets some of our most vulnerable citizens.

    And if we want things to change, we must all take action where we can. It is untrue that a single person cannot make a difference, because we need every single person to make change.

    We can do this, but only if we DO something.