• The Therapeutic Relationship

    While it is true that hurt people hurt people, it is also true that hurt people heal so that they don’t hurt others.

    This is true for many therapists and it is certainly true of the trauma clients I work with.

    And that is part of why being a real person in the therapy room can be so important and healing.

    I don’t try to be a blank slate, I don’t refuse to answer all personal questions, and that is why sometimes it’s okay for me to open up and share some of my personal experiences.

    Being real as a trauma therapist is also about owning up to when I don’t know something or when I have made a mistake or caused harm. Because I am human, because as a human I want to do better.

    As a human, I don’t want my clients to expect perfection from me, I am certainly not going to expect perfection from them.