• Thoughts on Father’s Day

    My father was a man who was in touch with his feelings. He could talk to anyone. He wanted what was best for me and worked hard to provide me with a good education. I know I learned my work ethic from him.

    However, he had anger management issues and issues with women. He felt the need to be ‘on’ at all times. And we were diametrically opposed on most social issues and he called me an idealist, and not in a good way.

    So in honor of Father’s Day I want to share some of the honest things I would like to have said to my father.

    For those out there who have also struggled, I hope you feel seen.

    A message to my father:

    You’ve been gone 10 years now.

    I want you to know that I am learning to let go of the burdens you gave me, they were never mine to carry.

    I wish you had not taught me that anger is scary & useless, or that I had to be perfect to be seen or validated.

    I wish you had worked through your issues, especially your issues with women and been able to see my strength.

    I wish you had listened and trusted me.

    I know you tried your best, but it was not enough for me.