• Time Orientation – Comfort

    Time orientation skills involve reminding yourself that you are in the here-and-now, rather than in the there-and-then (i.e. trauma time).

    The category of comfort refers to reminding yourself of the ways in which you can offer yourself comfort that you couldn’t when you were a child or an adolescent.

    Think about the things in your present life that offer comfort that you did not have or would not have had access to when you were younger.

    Do you have a pet now?

    What about a friend or significant other who can offer comfort?

    What about a weighted blanket?

    What are some comfort food or drinks that you have now?

    Is there a special food? A particular coffee or tea?

    Do you have a cozy spot that you can go to – in your home or a local park?

    What about a hobby – crocheting, coloring, etc?

    Do you have someplace that you can go and connect to your culture that feels comforting?

    What about a spiritual practice or place of worship that offers comfort?

    Do you have particular clothes, or a blanket that is comforting?

    Remember, not all of these ideas will resonate with you. That’s okay, the important part is finding the ones that do work for you and using those when you notice that you’re reacting or responding from a place of trauma time.