• Toni Morrison quote

    As Toni Morrison said, “Anything dead coming back to life hurts.”

    That is why healing can hurt so much.

    We have to face and feel the things we have cut off from ourselves or our awareness.

    But I think sometimes what is lost in this message is that this painful part is not the end goal.

    You are not meant to face the pain and then simply live in it.

    You are meant to face the pain and process through it’s resolution.

    The resolution is the end goal. And it’s not that we view what happened with rose colored glasses or happy about it, but we no longer have to carry around the same level of pain.

    We don’t have to relive that same level of pain when we think about the situation or experience.

    And the pain does not need continue to cause us dysfunction.

    I am passionate about helping people let go of the pain of their past, live more fully in the present and develop hope for the future.