• Walt Whitman Quote

    As Walt Whitman says, I contain multitudes. We all do.

    We all contain many parts, aspects and selves. This is not the sole domain of folks with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

    We all start out with parts, or ego-states that eventually integrate into what we experience as ourselves. But who we are depends a great deal on the role we are in, the situation we are in and the people we are with.

    I have my role as therapist, and daughter, and wife, and dog mom, and a feminist, and friend. Each of these are similar versions of me, but also slightly different.

    And as a human being, I can contain contradictory thoughts, feelings, urges and beliefs, all at the same time. Because I am a beautifully complex human being. And so are you.

    Please remember this as we are closing another year and looking towards the new one.

    I hope that in the coming new year you can learn to hold and value all the complexities and contradictions that you contain, I hope that you can learn to hold them with compassion and acceptance, even as you may be seeking to change or grow.