• Women’s History Month 2023

    In March we celebrate Women’s History Month & it’s a chance to celebrate women’s contributions to history, culture & society.

    This celebration includes women & femmes of all types & this has never been more important to point out than in 2023 given the staggering number of anti trans legislation passing throughout the US, which often seems particularly targeted at trans women & girls.

    Gender is a social construct that grows & changes & evolves over time for each woman & each culture. There is no one way to be a woman, there are many ways & many avenues by which we discover for ourselves what it means to be women.

    When we celebrate women & women’s history, it is often as though we are celebrating white, cisgender, heterosexual, skinny, pretty, able bodied women. That is why it is SO important to elevate & highlight the stories & contributions of BIPOC women, trans women, queer women, fat women, ugly women, disabled women.

    So I invite all of my fellow white women to take use your power, your privilege, & your voice to up-lift those voices of those who have been marginalized & quieted.

    Because we are not free, until all of us are free.