• World Events

    It’s a struggle as a trauma therapist to always know when/if to post about current events. It’s not because I am oblivious, don’t have an opinion or am afraid to share my opinion.

    It’s because I know how flooded social media can become around things happening in the world, and I know how triggering, traumatizing and overwhelming this can be for folks. This holds true with the murder of trans folx, or Black med, or school shootings, or bombings, or genocide.

    It’s a struggle because I also know that silence only ever favors the oppressors and perpetrators, and I don’t want you all to think that I am complicit, or oblivious in my privilege, or unwilling to speak up.

    That being said, I feel that I must put out there to my followers, that I do not support genocide, or US funded wars, or antisemitism, or Islamaphobia, or continuing colonialization, or fascism.

    I am not okay with the slaughter of innocents.