• WPATH Standards of Care 8

    Late 2022 the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) released their newest Standards of Care (version 8).

    In contrast to recent trends from legislatures to restrict or ban gender affirming care, the SOC 8 is firmer than ever in its stance on the importance of this care.

    So I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my process if you are seeking a letter in support of gender affirming medical care.

    My goal is to make this process as quick & as painless as possible.

    I trust my clients when they tell me who they are & what they need.

    I utilize an informed consent model of care which assumes that clients given the relevant information are capable of making an informed decision regarding their care.


    provide evals & letters for adults in California. These can be paid for out of pocket for a reasonable fee. I also accept San Diego Medi-Cal.

    Contact me for a phone screening, then we’ll schedule to meet (in person or by video) for the eval.

    I’ll have you complete forms & symptoms surveys via my electronic health record.

    Having symptoms, mental health diagnosis, and/or taking psych meds won’t keep me from writing you a letter. EVEN IF you hear voices.

    We’ll meet for an hour eval so that I can get the info I need from you for the letter, you won’t have to justify or prove your identity/needs.

    It’s my job to verify you’re a competent adult, in contact with reality & able to make informed decisions for your medical care. If that is the case, then I will draft a letter for you within a week of our meeting.

    I’ll ask you to review the letter so you know what’s in it & ensure inaccuracy. This letter will remain good for one year (an insurance limitation).

    I don’t work with/provide letters to anyone under 18. I take Medi-Cal, but it needs to be San Diego based. I can meet with client by video, but only if you are physically in California.