• Quote by Beau Taplin

    Did you know tat in order for a caterpillar to become a butterfly it must first digest itself? When it is in its chrysalis it digests itself, becoming a soup with what are called imaginal discs. These discs are groups of cells that survive this digestive process and each disc grows into each body part needed by the adult butterfly.

    This transformational process is not easy, not for the butterfly and not for the survivor of complex / attachment trauma. These traumas and hurts have often twisted the individual’s perception of themselves, others, love and the world. And as strange as it may seem to some, getting clarity, giving up unhealthy coping strategies and learning to love oneself can be quite scary.

    This transformational process is not easy for trans and non-binary folx either. The way that our culture and often our belief systems have portrayed the LGBTQIA+ community is often internalized, leading to trans-phobia. Unlearning this distorted view of oneself can be difficult, especially if you are not in community. And although social media has helped provide a normalizing digital community, it cannot replace real people offering real support and validation.

    Often people come into therapy after a time of darkness, and during some of the initial healing it can be even darker. As we must confront and take an honest look at what has been done and how it has affected us. Coming to grips with that reality can be quite painful. And yet, the beauty and lightness and love that can grow out of that darkness is humbling to behold.

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